The Up Side of Being Sick

I am a little behind on my blog writing thanks to a stomach bug that hit both Stella and me hard this week.  We were down for the count for 3 days!  The first day and a half the bug was so intense that there was no sleeping, even though that is all the either one of us wanted to do.  The bug started with one kid that we were all around on Saturday and when it was done it had spread to 11 of us!!!

The up side to being sick was catching up on all the movies in my queue.  We did watch our fair amount of kid movies, but I won’t go into those.

This movie had been on my list for awhile.  I knew what it was about before watching it, but thought that it would be a little different than it was.  I was not disappointed by the movie, but I have to admit that I cried almost the whole movie. It was emotional on many levels, but the one that hit close to home was the mother child relationship.  If you get a chance, watch it, but make sure you have tissues and it was not a down day!

Our body is the only one we got – so we need to treat it as best as we possibly can!  FoodMatters was enlightening, educational and filled with “WHY” moments.  Stella even stopped and watched it (she was better and I was still couch bound).  It will make you understand why the medical industry is the way it is, why our medical bills keep skyrocketing and why lobbyist are so important to so many industries.  Watch this and then let your voice be heard – LOUDLY! Streams free on Netflix.

I had been wanting to see The Way and here was my chance.  This movie touched me on so many levels.  It is about family, friends, introspection, and the challenges and joys of life.  It is the story of a father’s pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), a Catholic pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.  The route starts out in France.  This is not an action packed film, no sex, very little swearing if any, little dialogue, but a huge story.  Several days later and I still thinking about different parts of the movie and I want to make the pilgrimage with Stella.  Highly recommend it.  Streams free on Netflix.

Add these to your movie list – I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.


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4 Responses to The Up Side of Being Sick

  1. virginia says:

    Hope your feeling better by now.
    I saw the way and I agree. Made me want to take the trek!

    • simply0637 says:

      Feeling better now. I am seriously thinking about doing the trek – will have to be after our Africa trip. Maybe that will be the summer Stella is 12!

  2. Candace says:

    Tom and I watched THE WAY and love the idea of a pilgrimage. I absolutely love FOOD MATTERS. I have read most of Dr. Andrew Saul’s books and highly recommend: Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone; Doctor Yourself the book and the website:

    Glad you and Stella are better!! xxox

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