Make Felted Eggs For Your Easter Basket

Originally Posted March 30, 2012

As I promised yesterday here are the felted Easter eggs for your braided Easter basket or just use them for decoration.  I am not sure mine will be packed away with the other Easter decorations – they may have to be on display all year long!  Found another way to do felted eggs that does not necessarily involve a felting needle – so may have to try that one with Stella!

Felted Easter Eggs (thank you to , they have all your felting supplies and are wonderful to work with!)

Materials Needed

Core wool
Colored wool
Felting pad
Felting needle

1. Taking your core wool, pull off a piece and roll it into a tube, folding the sides up as you go and rolling tight.  If it is not quite large enough, add another piece of core wool and roll and tuck.  Needle felt the loose ends and then needle felt the egg until firm to very firm – shaping as you felt.





2.  Take some colored wool roving, wrap the core egg, making sure to cover all the white of the core and needle felt evenly around the egg until all the roving is felted and it is smooth and even looking.





3. Now you are ready to add dots, stripes, flowers, etc.  If you are going to do stripes or a zig zag line – take a piece of wool roving and role it into a tube of equal thickness, lay it on the egg where you would like it and the evenly needle felt it.  For dots, take a small piece of wool roving and needle felt in a circle – you have a dot.





They look great in my braided Easter basket!

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4 Responses to Make Felted Eggs For Your Easter Basket

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Gorgeous eggs and with the braided basket and these eggs you are set for all future Easters. : ) Nice handwork!!

    • simply0637 says:

      Trying to get away from the disposable holiday decorations and make decorations that will last and can be handed down.

  2. Candace says:

    As mentioned before, this is a lot of work but you have them for every year!! : )

  3. Jo says:

    Just as impressive this year…..xoxo

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