Kids Craft Corner – Make A Felted Eye Glass Case

Both Stella and I wear glasses.  It is pretty recent for Stella – she had an accident in September at a play date, where a pick up stick was poked into her eye!  She had never had problems with her vision previously, but this triggered something associated with astigma she had (was not aware of it) and her eyesight in one eye is now 20/70 and her other eye is 20/30 and she had to get bi-focals.  She is still learning how to take care of her glasses – which was emphasized this past weekend by both me and her eye doctor.  Stella has a habit of taking her glasses off and sticking them in her jacket pocket (with no case), I was just made aware of this habit as I was asked to fix the arm on her glasses – the metal piece had been bent and the screw no long fit in.  I was not able to fix it and the doctor had some difficulty too!

Stella has a hard case that goes in her backpack, but she also reads each night for 30 minutes after getting into bed and then the glasses end up on her shelf, usually face down on the glass – so we decided it was time to make a case to keep at her bed.

How To Make A Felted Eye Glass Case

Items Needed

Felt (1 piece, your choice of color)
Felt scraps for embellishments
Buttons, beads, etc for embellishments
Template (we used a fabric glass case as our guide)
Embroidery thread
Sewing needle with large eye
Shearing scissors (optional)

1. Decide what color you are going to use and draw your pattern.  We used an existing fabric glass case and traced.  If you do not have one – measure your glass and inch, so if your glass are 7″ high and 3″ wide your template would be 9″ in length and 5″ wide.





2. Cut the traced pattern out, rounding the corners.  We used shearing scissors to add a little pizazz!





3. Cut out a star, heart, diamond, etc with a contrasting color of felt.  We did a diamond (Stella) and heart (me). Pin in place.

4. We had some flower buttons and decided to use them.  Stella put them in the corners of her case and I put one in the center of my heart.  I have to confess I did sew the buttons on – Stella was getting frustrated, since the kept slipping from her fingers when she was holding them in place.

5. Using embroidery thread, slip stitch your cut out onto the center of the front of your case. I was very lucky – at a yard sale I bought all the thread in the picture for $5 – I have not had to buy thread in about 10 years!!  Each time we have a sewing project, Stella tells me that she is not a good sewer and I tell her the only way to get better is to do more of it and with practice she will get better.  Then it goes, but my sewing is not as good as yours…. Well, I have a lot more practice and it does not matter, it’s wonderful because you made it with your hands on your own!





6. Fold your case in half, pin together and slip stitch the bottom and side to close – you are done.




Stella was so proud of herself and her project that she took it to school to show all her friends and even took it to show her art teacher!

Stella's eye glass case

My eye glass case

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  1. Jo says:

    Wow, what a beautiful case. Excellent job Stella. Really awesom!

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