Love My New iPhone 4S

I have never been that into electronics, but I have to say I am definitely in love with my new iPhone and it brings a smile and giggle each time I pick it up! I think it will also help me manage time – I can now have all my email accounts in one place and take action immediately!  Usually I will have to put a couple of hours aside to clean up my emails, which I have to do from the past – but I am keeping up with it now.  I have a twitter account and before my iPhone I would take time and go through tweets and then thank people who listed me, retweeted or mentioned me – but if I was a day late sometimes they had updated their pages and I could not longer see what was reposted from the blog – now I can thank people right away, see mentions of Simply Rurban – fantastic!  The camera on my phone, what can I say – now when I am out and about I can take a photo of something that I might want to blog about, comment about, or just like – easier than carrying a phone with me and much better than missing the opportunity and photo op.

Now the apps – OMG!  Now all the time the phone is saving me is being used perusing all the apps!  So to save you some time and to share what is out there, here are some of my favorite apps – I am not sure about all of them, but most of them are also available for android phones.

Dragon Dictation (free)- allows you to speak your emails and just information.  You can speak a document and then email it to yourself and cut and paste it into word, blog or website.  It does take a little while for it to recognize our voice, but then it makes life a whole lot easier and safer – since some people still try to email and text while driving!

Good Guide (free) – provides information on products (food, toys, cars) – this information is about the health, environmental and social performance of the products and the company.  With the app you can scan the barcode while shopping and get information on the product – let’s you become a more aware and informative shopper.

Locavore (free) – using your GPS location, this app will make searching for in-season, local food easy by giving you the farms and farmer’s markets nearest you.  You can get informed about the local farms, etc in your area, find specific items, know what is in season in your area and then you can also get recipe suggestions!

Seafood Watch (free) – I love the fact that I can now have the latest version at my finger tips.  I usually carry the card in my wallet and use it frequently at restaurants and the grocery.  Seafood Watch let you know what fish are the best choices, good alternatives and what to avoid.

If you want to read up on other green apps, check out Eco Libris’ blog – they are compiling a listing of the top 100 green apps – adding a new one each week.

Now Stella is more versed on my phone than I am and when I have a problem, Stella comes to my rescue.  She loves the many games that she can download on her iPod and now my iPhone.  I do limit her time on her electronic devises, that includes the computer and there is no”tv” during the week – that also includes movies.  So if your kids or grand-kids are like Stella – you may want to check out this site I did download one app for both Stella and me – it is a game and it also educates.

Green Schools Revolution – The Game (free) – teaches kids and adults about energy, conservation and healthy eating.  Play the game or take the quizzes – so much fun!

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4 Responses to Love My New iPhone 4S

  1. virginia says:

    I can’t even figure out the phone I have now!

  2. Candace Coffin says:

    Tom just got and iphone and like you he LOVES it. Made me smile to know you have an electronic tool that can assist you. : )

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