Kids Craft Corner – Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards

I remember growing up making our own cards using paper doilies.  I went in search this year to find paper doilies and could not find them anywhere – I finally ended up buying a kit that had the heart doilies already cut.  Of course, after the cards were made I did come across the doilies in all places, but the traditional grocery store in the card section!  I think there is something about a homemade card compared to the character cards that you can buy and just address.  Stella was able to be creative and make the cards specifically for each student in her class.  These cards take some planning – they cannot be done in one evening, but what fun we had – cutting, gluing, sticking the stickers and talking about the kids in her class!

Making Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Materials Needed

Doilies or a card kit
Colored construction paper (pink & red)
Heart stencils or cookie cutters

1. Get all your supplies together and lay them out on your work table.


2. Trace different colored and size hearts.



3. Cut your hearts out.

4. Glue your hearts onto the cards in a design of your choosing.  Stella chose to do a big heart with a smaller heart on top – in different colors.

5. Decorate.  We chose to use valentine stickers, but you could use crayons, markers, glitter…





6. Address your cards and place in the envelopes.

Stella had so much fun making these and told me they were better than the cards we usually get and so much more fun to make! She only wants to do them this way from now on!

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