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Stella is getting quite crafty and she is very artistic – so we have decided that we will do a project together, hopefully on a weekly basis.  With winter here, we decided we wanted a touch of spring in the house and what better way to think spring than to have some butterflies flying around.

Butterfly Mobile (idea from FamilyFun website, with changes

Items Needed

Old magazines (we don’t really have any magazine, but we had a pad of paper we use for projects – you want the paper colorful)
Stick or maybe two (we went for a walk and found some that we thought would work)
Pipe cleaners
Fishing line or clear thread


1. Decide how many butterflies you want.  For each one you will need a 5″ square and a 4″ square.  Measure and cut all your squares.


2.  Starting at one corner, accordion fold (like for a fan) the squares on their diagonals, the folds should be about 1/4″.



3. Fold a 12″ pipe cleaner in half, making a loop at the fold and twist.

4. Pinch the center of the folded squares and place the smaller square first and then the larger one in the center of the pipe cleaner.

5. Once you have your wings situated twist the pipe cleaner above and below the wings – to hold them in place.

6. With the ends of the pipe cleaner, curl at the end for the antennae.

7. Tie the sticks together, with a long string in the center for hanging. We used hemp string to tie together.





8. Using clear thread tie around each butterfly and then attach to mobile, placing them so that the mobile hangs even.  We had to put a weight on one side.

This was a fun craft to do.  I think the magazine paper would work better than the paper we had.  I had to help Stella with the folding of the paper – it was hard for her to keep it even and she got frustrated – I ended up starting each one and helping her with the folding.

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2 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – Butterfly Mobile

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    This is a very good craft for kids and it’s a great idea to have Stella help you!! A good craft for older siblings to make for their new baby sister or brother. I can see Valentines and Easter and Christmas mobiles, etc. : )

    • simply0637 says:

      It was great having Stella help and then if we ran into problems or situations that other kids might have we could address them. I look at some of the kids crafts and wonder did a kid really do it or could they do it.

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