Make A Knitted Felted Bowl

I am really liking both needle felting and knit felting, so I decided I would try my hand at a knitted felted bowl.  I have looked at this pattern for several years and to tell the truth have been a little intimidated by the pattern and the whole felting process, but I think I have overcome my fear!

Knitted Felted Bowl (pattern thanks to 101 Designer one-skein wonders, Storey Publishing)

Items Needed

1 skein wool yarn (super bulky – which I did not have, so I used another size yarn)
1 pair #13 circular needles (24″)
1 pair double pointed #13 needles
Darning needle

Gauge: 11 stitches = 4″ in stockinette stitch

Size after felting” Approximately 17″ circumference and 4″ tall

Size after felting: Approximately

Knitting the Rim


1. Cast on 108 stitches

2. K1, *bind off 4, K1; repeat to last 4 stitches, bind off 4.  You should now have 36 stitches

Knitting the Bowl

1. Place 9 stitches on each of 4 double pointed needles.  Join into a round, being careful not to twist the stitches.  (I was careful, but I still twisted and had to start over, ugh!)

Rounds 1 – 6: Knit

Round 7: *K6, M1 (with the left needle, insert tip underneath the strand of yarn between the two needles and place the lifted strand on the left needle, knit the lifted strand, twisting it to avoid leaving a hole); repeat from * (42 stitches)

Round 8 & 9: Knit

Round 10: *K7, M1; repeat from * (48 stitches)

Round 11 & 12: Knit

Round 13: *K8, M1; repeat from * (54 stitches)

Rounds 14 – 25: Knit

Start Decreasing

Round 26: *K7, K2tog (knit 2 together); repeat from * (48 stitches)

Round 27: *K6, K2tog; repeat from * (42 stitches)

Round 28: *K5, K2tog; repeat from * (36 stitches)

Rounds 29 – 32: Continue in this manner, knitting 1 fewer stitch between decreases, until you have 12 stitches remaining

Round 33: *k2tog; repeat from * (6 stitches)

Cut the yarn, leaving at least a 10″ tail.  Thread your darning needle and draw through the remaining stitches, twice.  Pull up snug and fasten off on the inside.  Weave in ends.






Bowl before felting



Felting the Bowl




1. Place the bowl inside a pillowcase and tie closed.

2. Set the washing machine for the lowest water level, longest washing cycle and the hottest water temperature.

3. Place the pillow case, a pair of jeans and a tiny amount of liquid soap.  Start the washer.

4. Check the felting process frequently.  You may have to do the wash again. Once the item is felted to my liking, I turn the washing machine dial to rinse and spin – then I don’t have to do it – if not follow the step below.

5. When the bowl gets to the desired size and felting, remove, rinse in cold water and blot dry with a towel.

Bowl before shaping

6. Shape the bowl and allow to dry

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2 Responses to Make A Knitted Felted Bowl

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    The bowl is a “work of art.” Really!! I purchased some ‘cloth’ bowls in NC last year. They are great for serving snacks, especially outside on the concrete patio. I store them with my glass bowls and use them between the bowls to cushion them. Your bowl is much more artistic!!

  2. jo says:

    That is so cool and I love the color.

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