Ahh, Friday – Some Thoughts

As I sit here and reflect back on the week – several items pop out, so I figured today I would take a moment to write about them.  I have posted on my recipes, crafts, gardening, etc, but not really on my day to day life – which is probably like a lot of yours.  My days are long and fully packed!  My hands or brain need to stay busy – so relaxation for me is knitting, reading, researching – now don’t get me wrong I do on occasion sit down, put my feet up and enjoy a good movie – probably not as often as I should.

So my thoughts for the week – you may not agree with them all, but this is what I have been doing this week and thinking about.

In the mornings here it is a mad rush to get ready and out the door for school.  Some mornings are more difficult than others.  One day this week was particularly difficult – Stella was being slower than normal and my patience was wearing thin and then I was brushing her hair to see that she had decided to cut her hair, almost to the scalp at the very center of her forehead hairline – that was the last straw for me – I lost it!  As I asked why she had done it and was told because – I had to walk out of the bathroom – I was upset, Stella was crying and telling me it was her hair and she could do with it what she wanted – WOW – that stopped me cold – she was right – it was her hair and if she wanted to cut it all off, she would be the one that had to live with it.  Sitting at the table eating breakfast – we decided to have a do-over morning – I quickly went through the morning, time to get up, brush teeth, are you dressed, breakfast is ready, etc. – this got us both laughing and changed the mood for the rest of the day.

With all the news about OWS (Occupy Wall Street) – I have thought about the difference between the 1% and then most of us.  There is only so much that can be sucked out of us to keep benefiting the ultra rich and GIGANTIC corporations.  Today, I will be going to close my accounts with 2 big banks and open an account with a local credit union.  A friend of mine who is very involved in OWS told me to leave$0.99 in my accounts – so the bank is aware of why I closed the account, will they care?  If enough of us speak with our money – maybe they will get the hint – look what the petition did to get Bank of America to cancel their plans to charge $5 a month for use of your debit card?! Here is a great quote I came across: “Washington is a place where men praise courage and act on elaborate personal cost-benefit calculations.” – J.K. Galbraith

Now I come to food – when did it become ok for the government to tell me what I could and could not grow or consume?  Or control what type of seeds could be used in farming?  Probably when lobbying became more important to their fundraising than what is important to the people they represent.  I would really like to be able to by raw milk products, but in the state of New York it is illegal.  I could travel to Connecticut, but then I would not be supporting my local farmers.  I am sure that you can find articles where farmers have had their farms raided and been told that they do not have the choice to consume what they produce.   Check this article out for case in point: http://www.anh-usa.org/judge-to-work-for-monsanto-law-firm/ So I am trying to support my own beliefs – I now have my milk, eggs, and other dairy products delivered to my door from local farms – in glass bottles none the less and am pretty much only buying organic products – yes I have had to look at my grocery budget – but do I really want to keep putting GMO’s and chimeicals into my body or Stella’s – NO!

This is probably enough, but just one more thought.  I was trying to remember this week when the last time was that I put gas in my car.  I am fortunate to live in area that I can walk to many things, but when I was working I would go to other stores that seemed more convenient, but really did not go along with my philosophy or what I talk about with others – support local.  Was it really convenience or was it cost?  The bigger chains offer lower prices – mainly because they can buy in bigger bulk – which cuts their cost.  Now that I am not full time employed – I look at how I spend my money and my time and found that I am supporting my local businesses more and more – and I get to walk there!  If I can not find an item at one of my local businesses I am more likely now to go on line and find a company that I support their business philosophy than to go to one of the chains near me.

So off to finish the laundry and to the banks!  So since no pictures today – I will leave you with a couple of my favorite quotes and hopefully they will produce pictures in your mind as you think about them!

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. – Henry David Thoreau

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?  Satchell Paige

Had there been a computer a hundred years ago, it would probably have predicted that by now there would be so many horse-drawn vehicles it would be impossible to clear up all the manure.  K. William Kapp

Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination. Roy M. Goodman


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4 Responses to Ahh, Friday – Some Thoughts

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Excellent presentation here, thank you!! Like the way you think and it is very educational for the reader without being preachy!! You need to do these more often, though you have really found a niche with your daily activities recipes, growing, etc., especially with the photos. Only suggestion I have is to have a small photo of you and Stella (that you can update from time to time and be seasonal) with a little blurb under it to introduce yourself so that folks coming on for the first time have a sense that you’re a single mom, living in urban and being rural, thus rurban… etc. : ) xxox

  2. simply0637 says:

    Thanks for the feedback and good thought on the picture. I am so used to taking the photos – forget to have some taken of me and Stella and me.

  3. gabriel says:

    I admire your work, your thoughts and your convictions. They inspire me.

  4. Les says:

    Very thoughtful and provative….I like it!

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