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A couple of months ago we joined with two other families and started a once a month game night.  I think we all look forward to our monthly game night and wondering what games are we going to play.  Our group consists of 6 adults and 3 kids and I think the kids love seeing us adults make fools out of ourselves – what kid wouldn’t!?

I have to be honest for a moment and let you know that I was so wrapped up in the good food, good company and fun that I did not take as many photos as I should have.

This is how it works for us, each month the game night changes to a new home.  The person hosting is the one that makes the main course of the meal with one family making a side dish and the other making the dessert.  This past game night we had pulled pork, vegetable stew, corn bread, salad and a peach and blueberry coffee cake for dessert.  Dinner is spent catching up with each other and discussing what games are going to be played.  Then the real fun begins!

The first game up was Head Bands Charade.  Each person gets a head band to wear and places a card in the head band.  One person is the guesser, with the other players acting out clues/hints of what is on the card – no words can be said.  For example:  my card said bagel, so we went around the room with people acting out clues in order for me to guess the thing on my card.  We went all the way around the room before I was able to guess bagel!

After our first game we usually take a break have dessert and then choose the second game to play.

Stella was given several games for Christmas, since we play a lot of games in our house, Game night 5but 2 of the games needed 3 or more players – we decided to bring them with us to game night.  Others were interested so we played one of them: 100 Wacky Things To Do.  This game had us all laughing.  There are props that get passed around when someone does something stated on the prop card and then each player picks a card when it is their turn – these cards are either and Always Card or a Whenever Card.  The Always Cards need to be Game night 4done every time it is that person’s turn and the Whenever Cards are done whenever another person does something stated on the card. My Always Cards were: Ask the exact time, sing happy birthday to myself and blow out the candles and to stand up beat my chest and make a gorilla noise.  My Whenever Cards were:  If someone talks to me I had to say Bingo and if someone said Twinkle I had to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  This was a great game and I think we would all highly recommend it!

Game night 1Game night 2Game night 3

Fun was had by all and we all got our dose of medicine in the form of laughter!  This is a great thing to do and just have a good time!

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4 Responses to Game Night – Start One Today

  1. Candace says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! I am going to use this info and share with others. : )

  2. Jo says:

    Love it…..laughter is always the best medicine!

  3. deborah says:

    After attending game night on my last visit I had a feeling this one might be a winner – so glad it was a hit! I have to say I liked the picture of YOU the best, but I would not recommend adding it to your resume :)!

  4. virginia says:

    Your a good sport Pamela. Some thing to be said about getting older-you don’t mind looking or acting silly !

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