Making Your Own Cork Board

I love corks and cannot throw them away.  I have been envisioning many crafts using corks – so a call went out to several family members in search of corks and wine labels.  I am lucky that I have several family members in the wine industry!  The corks have been accumulating – which is wonderful and the crafts have started.  I have been in search of a picture frame with a wide wood frame and found one at the church bazaar!

Here is a cool link that shows you how cork is made:

Cork Board

Items Needed

Old picture frame with a wide wood frame
Wine labels
Cardboard (only if there is not a back on the frame)
Paint brush
Glue gun
Glue sticks

1. Clean the picture frame and put a base on the frame. I took some cardboard that was used in packing, thinner than a box cardboard, but either would work.  Cut the board and then glue on with a glue gun.

2.  I then took corks and arranged them in the frame – once done I then took then out and placed them by rows.

3. Cover the sides of the frame with cork labels – I used decoupage glue for this part.

4. Using a glue gun glue the corks onto the base.  As you can see – I still had to position the corks so weird ways – you may have to cut some corks.

Hang and use!

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One Response to Making Your Own Cork Board

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Very cool. I like the “Jewell” label in the photo. : )

    There’s a restaurant in Wytheville and the foyer before the bar has a cork floor. They glued corks to the floor and then somehow put something like polyurethane on top. It’s very cool. The corks are on their side like the cork board. However, the most cool thing I’ve seen is a ceiling with the corks glued upright. The person said they would glue a cork up one at a time…every time they opened a bottle! The corks were uneven but being a ceiling it didn’t matter and it was a nice ceiling to look at. : )

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