Knitted Headband

I have been working on a wire knitted necklace for some time now and was hoping it would be today’s blog – but no such luck.  That project has become a bigger undertaking than I anticipated or had time for – the wire broke once and I had to start over, because I wanted a more fluid necklace I used a more pliable wire which kinks – so hoping to have it done in a week or so….

This summer Stella started wearing head bands and head kerchiefs and I love it.  I have also noticed that she has started taking more care in her hair appearance, brushing her hair a couple of times a day – this is new – before I would have to ask and ask for her to brush her hair and then I usually ended up doing it!

Knitted Headband

Hband side

Items Needed

Size 8 double pointed needles
Size 8 straight needles
Yarn, less than a skein and something that will give a little

1. Using double pointed needles, cast on 5 stitches

2. Make an I-Cord that measures 4″.

Hband icord

3. Once your work measures 4″ , switch over to your straight needles and start increasing your width by knitting in the front and back (KFB) of the first and last stitch of each row until you have your desired width.  Because of the yarn I chose I just knitted each row, but you could also do a pattern. If you choose to do a pattern, increase until you have the correct number of stitches on your needle to work the pattern.

Hband taper up

4. Knit each row or follow your pattern until the piece measures 12 1/2″ from end of I-Cord.

Hband length

5. Start decreasing your headband by K2Tog at the beginning and end of each row until you have 5 stitches on your needle.

Hband taper down

6. Switch to your double pointed needle and work an I-Cord that measures 4″.

7. Cut a tail and you can either weave in the ends or leave them – your choice.

Hband done

You know have a very unique and stylish headband! Stella loved it!

Hband front


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2 Responses to Knitted Headband

  1. Candace says:

    Hairbands look GREAT on Stella and it’s a good hair style on her!! (The wire necklace…I wonder about doing strands of wire and attaching with the kitchener. Just a thought.) : )

  2. Jo says:

    She looks so cute…..

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