My Dream Is Now Reality

I think I am still in shock!  In my early 20’s two of my aunts moved to an area of Virginia that I fell in love with – over time more family moved to the area for a total of 18 of them!  It is a very rural area and jobs are not abundant.  I have wanted to live there for almost all of that time and once did for about 6 months and have tried another time – but when we went to close on the property – 7  of the 11 acres had disappeared – so we passed.

Throughout life we have ups and downs and with the downs coming learning, enlightenment, growth.  Our paths diverge to side trails and we wonder why we are off the path we thought we were supposed to be on.  Yes, I have wanted to live in this particular area of Virginia and once was there and then I had to move – which was sad, but if circumstances were not what they were I would not have met my now ex-husband and had my incredible daughter Stella!

In 2011 I was laid off from my job – yes it was devastating, but looking back at it now and I may have already stated this in a previous blog – but it was one of the very best things that ever happened to me.  I started this blog, I enrolled back in school, I was able to spend more time with my daughter and I was able to truly follow my dreams and desires to live a more simple life, to eat a more whole foods, nourishing diet, to develop my crafts and to teach others.  Since the lay off – I have had some really good days and some really bad days, but through the bad days I have worked on me, sat with me, listened to me and supported me – and all of it has paid off and of course it is not done – it never will be…

Over the Christmas holiday we went to Virginia to visit with family and then headed to Asheville, where we were thinking of relocating in June of this year.  While I was in Virginia – I felt the tug and speaking with my Aunt and Uncle wished and dreamed of finding a way to be in Floyd – the ask was out there and the energy was moving.  We headed to Asheville, which was much bigger than it was when I last visited 15 years ago, but the outlying towns fit my vision.

The day after we arrived back home in NY I received and email from my Aunt telling me about a job opportunity in Floyd!!  I stared at the screen and re-read the email several times.  For two days I tried to write a cover letter to go along with my resume and was stuck – I contacted my Aunt who said maybe that was telling me that it was not the right opportunity – my response – no I thought it was the right opportunity and that was why I was having such difficulty – I wanted this job with this organization!  That same night, after that back and forth, I wrote the cover letter and sent it along with my resume.  The next morning I heard back from them – and there were two job opening – could we do a phone interview that day or the next day -that afternoon we had the phone interview!!  It went superbly!!  In order for them to move forward they needed to meet me in person, for me to think about salary and to look into housing – my head was spinning – the date was set for me to come down in two weeks.

Stella and I drove down on a Friday, I met with them on Saturday and we drove back home on Sunday.  I was even more excited after meeting them in person and walking the sanctuary – they would let me know by mid-week.

Yesterday the phone call came and I was offered the job!!!!  My job with be administrative duties in the office and then also Development Director!!  It is a great organization with an essential mission, if you get a chance check them out and even better donate to the cause!! Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary.

So today I walk around in a daze, my mind going over all that needs to be done in order to move – feeling a bit overwhelmed – but it will all work out – it has so far and I know it will continue – who said wishes don’t come true!?  Sometimes they take 20 years!!!

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2 Responses to My Dream Is Now Reality

  1. Candace says:

    Love this post!! So happy for you.

  2. Jo says:

    I hope this dream will be fulfilled to the utmost for both you and Stella. Yeah for you. xoxox

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