An Afternoon In NYC

Next week we move – I can’t believe how fast the month has gone!!  But this week is Stella’s winter break and I have tried to keeping the packing out of the week and for Stella to have as much fun as possible.  There was one day that several friends came over and we packed – but Stella was in hog heaven playing with her “babies” and watching movies (a rarity here!).  Another day we went new shoe shopping for her, to the movies and the bookstore – Stella loves books and LOVES book stores!!

Stella’s friend Mateo’s birthday is in March and he was so disappointed that Stella would not be at his birthday party that he scheduled a mini one for this week – so the second birthday party Stella has had this week, but this one is a sleep over.

Our big outing was going into the city and going up the Empire State Building with my old boss and Bella.  I have done the Empire State building several times but for Stella, Bella and Alex – this was their first time!!!  I was so excited to see their reactions.

The girls were exceptionally silly and the laughter contagious.  We made a stop at the NYC library and took a picture of Stella with her favorite animal…the lion.  Then it was off to a bead store before getting to the Empire State Building.  We decided to go in late afternoon, so we could see the city in daylight, watch the sun set and then see the lights come over Manhattan and beyond!

The weather was cold and once up on the observation deck the wind really picked up.  The girls were cold and made it about half way around the deck before heading inside.  Alex and me made it a little more than half way before taking a break and warming up inside – we then headed back out and the lights were being turned on across the city.  I love the view from up there.  Alex could not believe that he had never been up there and said he was going to go up many more times.  Stella and Bella were amazed that they could see people, cars, etc down below and had a great game of I Spy going.

Freedom Tower

Chrysler Building

If you have never been up the Empire State Building it is a definite to put on your bucket list, must do list or whatever list you have of things you want to do before….

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2 Responses to An Afternoon In NYC

  1. Candace says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. How wonderful. What a memorable trip and so glad you could put packing on the back burner and enjoy the week with Stella. What fun!

  2. Jo says:

    Great shots…..another great memory for Stella.

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