Keep Your Tea Warm With A Felted Tea Cozy

We have a wonderful tea house in our town and on a cold afternoon it is delightful to go there, pick a tea and indulge in one of their homemade soups!  A close friend of mine is my companion more times than not in joining me for a pot of afternoon tea and her birthday is coming up – so I thought what better gift than a tea pot, tea cozy and some of her favorite loose tea from the Silver Tips.  This was another project that I wanted to make re-using one the the sweaters from the church bazaar that I had felted.

How To Make A Tea Cozy

Items Needed

Felt or fabric, enough for 2 pieces of pattern
Material for lining
Batting, if not using felt
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Fabric, roving, etc for design on cozy – if you choose to do
Fabric, bead, etc for handle
Sewing machine

1. First thing you need to do is measure your tea pot so you know how big to make the pattern.  Take a measuring tape and measure around the spout, tea pot and handle.  Once you have the measurement, divide in half and add 1 – this gives you the width you will need and it also takes into account the seam allowance.  My tea pot was 21″, divide by 2 and add 2 – my width is 12 1/2″.

2. Now you need to determine the height.  Measure over your teapot. Place the tea pot on the table, go from back to front, going over the lid. Divide measurement by 2 and add 3 inches. That’s the height for all pieces.  My tea pot was 14″ divide by 2 and add three, height is 10″.  Remember to write your measurements down!

3. You can make a paper pattern to use to cut out the fabric, but I just drew on the felt.  I figured when I make this again – the tea pot might not be the same size.  Your choice.

Before Washing

After Washing






I measured along the bottom for the width and then drew a line up each ending point.  Taking the center point of the width – I measured up the height and put a center dot.  Using a large plate I measured the curve for the top – drawing the curve to match up with the outside lines.

4. Cut out the pieces and if you are going to do a design this is the time to do it.  I chose to do some needle felting using a leaf stencil.  Pinning my felt onto the felting pad I took out my felting needle and roving – choosing different colors for the leaves.  I chose to do both sides.





5.  Now for the lining – I chose a nice calico cotton material.  I cheated a little and did not sew the lining separate and then sew together.  When I cut the lining out I made the bottom a little longer than the felt piece.  Take the end of the lining and turning it under I sewed 1 piece of lining to each felt piece along the bottom.

6.  Turning the felt pieces so that right sides are facing each other and the right side of the lining is facing out – pin and sew along the edge.  I did a 3/4″ seam.  I then trimmed along the seams.

7. Turn the piece right side out.  Now you need to do the a handle.  I chose to use some glass beads.  Finding the center point on the top of the cozy – I strung beads and secured on the inside.  The tea cozy was done!















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2 Responses to Keep Your Tea Warm With A Felted Tea Cozy

  1. Candace says:

    How lovely and what a lovely birthday gift!! : )

    • simply0637 says:

      I sent some pictures of my felting projects to the company I purchase my materials from and they included this in this weeks newsletter. It was fun to see it there.

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