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Spring Is In The Air – That Must Mean Spring Cleaning!

Throw the windows open, wash the bedding – let it hang on the line and wash all the winter jackets and pack them away!  There is something about spring cleaning, getting the winter clutter put away and swept away, the … Continue reading

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Nature’s Way Cleaning – Making Change Where I Can

As I have shared in past posts, I have been experimenting with making my own cleaning products.  I have taken it one step further and have started a “green” cleaning business using the products I make along with environmentally friendly … Continue reading

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Green Cleaning the Bathroom

I do not use chemicals in the cleaning of my home, but I do buy the products – Seventh Generation, Method, Simple Green, Whole Foods Brand, Mrs. Meyers, Earth Friendly, etc.  But I also make some of my cleaning products.  … Continue reading

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