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Cleaning A Burned Pot

I am still trying to get used to cooking on an electric stove – it has been many, many years since I have.  Trying to figure out the temperature settings on each burner is the tricky part.  There is my … Continue reading

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How To Clean Your Washing Machine

I know it seems silly to say that you need to wash your washing machine, but it is probably a good idea.  You clean your clothes in it – so it would be a logical conclusion to think that you … Continue reading

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Easy Way To Clean Silver (Part 1)

The other day I was wearing a necklace and had one of those – “ah-ha” moments, where I thought I could make this using the beads I have from a necklace that broke.  About 20 years ago I made a … Continue reading

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Spring Is In The Air – That Must Mean Spring Cleaning!

Throw the windows open, wash the bedding – let it hang on the line and wash all the winter jackets and pack them away!  There is something about spring cleaning, getting the winter clutter put away and swept away, the … Continue reading

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How To Make Enzyme Cleaner

Having a green house cleaning business, I am always reading up on new cleaning products and recipes.  I kept coming across articles on how to make your own enzyme cleaner, but since it takes 3 months, yes that is 3 … Continue reading

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