Kids Craft Corner: Make Silly Putty

Stella had a project that was due in school – so off to the internet she went to figure out what it would be.  The project was how to do something and then they have to present the steps in class.  Last year she made minions and they were so cute, this year she decided to make silly putty.  I love that she is so creative, but not that she is not that great with cleaning up after herself!  Something to work on and I take lots of time outs!

Can’t wait to hear how she did not her presentation.  She did a run through with me as I photographed and asked questions – she did really well and only ran a few seconds over time!

Make Your Own Silly Putty

Silly putty done

Items Needed

Plastic bowl
Small glue bottle
1 Tbl borax
1 1/2 cup warm water
Food coloring (optional)

Note:  Stella had gloves on her list of items needed.  But as we found out – the silly putty stuck to the gloves and that batch was a dud.  So even though you see a photo with gloves on, don’t use them.  If you use food coloring, just wash your hands right away to get as much off as possible.

1. Pour the glue into your bowl.

Silly putty glue

2.  Pour the water into the glue bottle, put the top back on and shake.  You want to get all the glue out of the bottle.  Pour out into the bowl and mix the water with the glue.

Silly putty water

3. Add the borax and stir.  A glob will start to form.

Silly putty borax

silly putty blob

4. If using food coloring add that now.  You want to make sure you drop some coloring into the water and onto the “blob”.  Mix well with your hands.

Silly putty coloring added

Silly putty stir coloring

Silly putty mixing with hands

5. Take the silly putty out of the water and there you go!

To store you silly putty, use a zip lock sandwich bag.

Her posters:

Silly putty what you need

Silly putty how to

Silly putty summary

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2 Responses to Kids Craft Corner: Make Silly Putty

  1. Candace says:

    Wow – Stella did a GREAT job. The kids are going to love her presentation!!

  2. Jo says:

    Way to go Stella…..let me know how you did….looks like a very professional presentation. A+ in my book

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