Winter Dry Skin? Lotion Bars to the Rescue!

I ran into a friend at the local Health Food store and we started talking about our holiday gift making – I love to hear what others are making.  She said that she had made a bunch of lotion bars for the teachers and friends, hmmm.  I remembered that lotion bars had been on my list of things to try and this was just the reminder that I needed!

I had all the ingredients in the house, but I could not find my silicon molds anywhere!  Of course I remembered where I put them after I was done with this project!  I decided I would trying making it in my mini loaf pan.

I love using essential oil and one of my favorite for bath products in grapefruit – it is so refreshing and invigorating, which is a great way to start the day!

Awaken Lotion Bar

Lotion bar done


Lotion Bar ingredients1 cup shea butter (where to buy)
1 cup coconut oil (where to buy)
1 1/4 cup beeswax pastilles (where to buy)
1 tsp Vitamin E oil (where to buy)
50 drops Grapefruit essential oil, or your choice (where to buy)


1. Fill a sauce pan about 1/3 of the way with water – bring the water to a boil.

2. In a quart size mason jar place all the ingredients except the essential oil.  Stirring until the ingredients are all melted.  It will take the beeswax the longest to melt.

Lotion bar in jarLotion bar melting

NOTE: You could melt the beeswax first, add the coconut oil and then the shea butter, along with the Vitamin E oil – I will do it this way next time I make these and YES there will be many more times of making these!

3. Once all the ingredients are melted, take the jar out of the water on allow to cool slightly, not too much because it will start to harden.  Add the Grapefruit essential oil, stir to mix well.

Lotion bar melted

4. Pour evenly into your molds.  Allow to set on the counter.  Once set to speed up the hardening process move to the freezer or refrigerator.

Lotion bar setting

5.  Once they have harden remove from the molds.  I thought I might have to set the pan in warm water to get the bars out, but I just turned the pan over, banged it on the counter and they all came out.

6. I made labels for he bars and wrapped them in saran wrap for gift giving.

Lotion bar awaken

I love the way the bar makes my skin feel and the grapefruit smell is great in the mornings!

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