Kids Craft Corner – Cork Reindeer

Last year or maybe two years ago, we were given a reindeer made out of cork.  This reindeer stays out all year long on a shelf in the kitchen, not sure why but it does.  Stella has been really into crafting and baking as of late and I LOVE IT!  As we were enjoying the first snow storm of the season she asked if she could make something to give to everyone on Thanksgiving day – I said of course!  She wanted to make Turkeys out of cork, which she did but then she really got into making the reindeer.

first snow

I helped her get all the items that she would need, including the glue gun.  The was the first project that she had used the glue gun all by herself, no supervision from me.  We did have a conversation about the glue gun and that it could burn, etc. and Stella understood – but she did get burned and it blistered!  She was very careful with the glue gun, but as she was holding two pieces together the glue seeped out and that is what burned her finger.  So that is how she got her first burn and I am sure is the first of many in her life of crafting!

Cork Reindeer

Reindeer done 2

Items Needed

5 Wine corks
Glue Gun
Glue sticks
Pipe Cleaners
Googlie eyes
Beads, ribbon, decorative wire
“Fuzz” balls (not sure what else to call them)

1. Gather all your materials together and cover your work area with a mat or some protective material.

Reindeer working

2. Glue two corks together, horizontally.  These are the legs.

Reindeer 2 corks

3. Glue 1 cork on top of the legs, vertically.  This is the body.

Reindeer glue

Reindeer 3 corks

4. Glue another cork, vertically on one end of the “body”.  This is the neck.

Reindeer 4 corks

5. Take your last cork and glue on, horizontally – attaching one end to the end of the “neck”.

Reindeer 5 corks

6. Cut a pieces of pipe cleaners, scrunch it, make into a “U” and glue onto the head – these are the antlers.

7. Glue the eyes on, nose, tail and any other decorations you would like.  Stella glued them onto a “stand”, but this is not necessary.

Reindeer done 1

These are easy and fast.  They make great teacher gifts, host gifts, bus driver gifts, etc. and the best part is that they are hand made using your child’s or your imagination, love and creativeness!

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2 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – Cork Reindeer

  1. Jo says:

    I sent you this reindeer last year just for this purpose! Yah for Stella. Stella’s is more fashionable with that necklace. Love it!

  2. Deborah Wilhelm says:

    The reindeer is adorable – and so creative! It is amazing how many uses you’ve found for all those corks, guess we’ll just have to keep drinking wine so you’ll have an endless supply 🙂

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