Kids Craft Corner: Learn To Finger Knit

Stella has been going to the local knitting store every other Friday to improve on her knitting.  The last time that I picked her up she had a knitted necklace on and had taught the owner, her aunt how to finger knit – well I wanted to learn.

Learn How To Finger Knit

Finger done

Items needed


1. Wrap the yarn around your thumb, so that the yarn forms an upside down “u”.  Tie a knot, not too tight – you want the yarn to  be able to slip off your thumb easily.

Finger upside down uFinger knot 1

2. For the first weave, weave the yarn between your fingers – in a front to back pattern.  In front of one finger and then in the back of the other finger and then around and back to your thumb – this is the only time you will weave around the thumb. Each finger will have two strands of yarn on them.

Finger weave 1Finger around thumbFinger double weave

3.  Taking the lower strand of yarn, lift it over the upper strand and off your finger.  Do this will all fingers on your hand but not your thumb.

Finger overFinger over finger

4. Weave the yarn through your fingers again, so that each finger, again, has two strands of yarn.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the length you want.  You may have to pull on the yarn attached to the skein of yarn every so often.

Finger start lengthFinger longerFinger getting longer

6. When you have reached the length desired, starting with the thumb loop, take it off your thumb, then take the next finger, ending with your pinkie finger.  After you take each loop off hold them together with your thumb and pointer finger.

Finger loops

7. Cut the yarn leaving a 2″ tail.

Finger tail

8. Take the tail and put it through all the loops and tie a secure knot (knot twice).

Finger thruFinger knot

Your finger knitted necklace is done!

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  1. Candace says:

    I want to learn too. Not sure if I’m doing it correctly so hopefully you can give me a lesson. Love her necklace. : )

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