Food Stamp Challenge: Week 4 Groceries

We are down to our last week of our month long Food Stamp Challenge, and we are both glad about that.  As I was putting the grocery list together and looking through the refrigerator and the freezer – I was shocked with how much food we still had.  We had we had fish still from our purchase 2 weeks ago, so that would be dinner for one night this week. We also had burritos left, soup (enough for two dinners), pancakes and there was still apples and cheese and a little milk left.  So the grocery list was not that large and it also helped that Stella will be doing school lunches again this week.  Dinners are pretty well taken care of, but I will I will make a quiche with the carrots and onion and vegetables bought this week.  I will also be able to make 1 more loaf of bread with the little flour left.

Groceries for Week 4

Food challenge week 4 grocery 1Food challenge week 4 grocery 2

Whole milk yogurt, individual (5) $5.95
Brown rice pasta $3.29
Butter $3.41
Frozen Blueberries $3.22
Spinach $3.25
Broccoli $3.29
Eggs $4.89
Frozen Peaches $2.69
Wraps $1.99
Tangerines (3lbs) $4.99
Bananas $0.81
Sweet Potatoes $0.90
Kiwi $1.00
Tax $2.10

Total spent: $41.78

Our total budget for the month was $255.50 and at the end of week 3 we had spent $177.73, leaving us $77.77.  I thought for sure that we would have very little left for the last week of groceries, not that we would have more to spend than any other week of the challenge.  With only spending $41.78 we still had $35.99!  When I was budgeting for the week I knew that we would be eating out one dinner and that I would just take that money from the week budget, but then I remembered that if I was on food stamps I would not be able to spend money on going out to dinner.

Knowing that we would be under budget out last grocery store shop I asked Stella what she wanted and that we could probably afford it, but even with that we still did not spend it all.  I am not sure that we will have enough eggs or syrup for the week, but if we run out I know that I can go and buy it!

If we were continuing on with our challenge I would change some of our food purchasing.  I would probably spend a good portion of it in the first week and spend the first weekend making food for the month and then the other weeks I would buy items that would supplement our meals with fruit and vegetables.  This was quite a learning experience, but I will write about that this in a couple of days.

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