Kids Crafting: Teacher Presents

Stella is really settling into her new home and one of the best things is that she has made a BFFE (best friend for eternity)!  I was worried that she would not make another BFFE here, but she did and in no time at all.  Her best bud spends entire weekends with us, coming home on the bus Friday after school and then I bring her home Sunday afternoon.  It is wonderful to hear them laughing and playing.  This past weekend with our nasty weather they spent hours on their rainbow looms – trying new creations, did karaoke, dance party and spent about 5 hours making holiday gifts for their teachers.

Kids Craft TeachersI went through my craft items and found 2 wooden candle holders, 2 wooden candle sticks and some wooden center pieces Kids Craft Teachers 1(1 angel and 1 tree).  Next I took out glitter, glue, embellishments, felt and paint.  They covered the table with newspaper and then started creating, many hours later they were done, cleaned up and were off to their next activity.  None of us could believe how long they spent on their gift making!

Kids Craft Teachers 2Kids Craft Teachers 3Kids Craft Teachers 4




They weren’t sure how or if their teachers would like the gifts – but I told them that they were made from their heart and of course they would love them!  They couldn’t wait to give them, so I drove Stella to school 2 weeks before the holiday break.  Oh, did I mention- it was also a pajama day!

Kids Craft Teachers done 1Kids Craft Teachers done

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2 Responses to Kids Crafting: Teacher Presents

  1. Candace says:

    Absolutely fabulous! I love seeing Stella and her friend create and have fun. You are quite the mother. Wonderful post and I know those teachers will be grinning from ear to ear when they receive these gifts!!!

  2. Jo says:

    That is so nice for Stella to have such a great friend…..sounds like they really enjoy each other and the same things. The gifts are lovely….lucky teachers to have Stella and her friend as students.

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