Kids Craft Corner – Recycled Pencil Holder

It was so nice to get back to crafting with Stella and doing a kids craft corner evening.  If your kids are like Stella then their room, desk, craft area is overflowing with pencils, pens, markers, crayons…  We are always looking for holders for all of them – so when I saw this in a magazine or on the web somewhere – I knew that we had to make a couple. I saved up our cans – putting them to the side waiting for a time where we had an hour or two to focus on making these.

Recycled Pencil Holder

P Holder done

Items Needed

Cans – washed and labels removed
Mardi Gras beads
Embellishments (buttons, flowers, jewels, felt pieces)
Glue gun and sticks

1. Wash and remove the labels from your cans.  Be careful not to cut yourself on the can, which I did!  You can either file down the rough edge or I took needle nose pliers and crimped the little piece that is left raised after you take the top off.

P Holder cans labelsP Holder cans

2. Get all your crafting supplies together and place in easy reach of your crafting area.

P Holder embellishments

3. With you glue gun – put some glue at the bottom of the can.  Place the start of your yarn on the glue and secure.  Be careful with the glue – it is HOT.

P Holder glue startP Holder start yarn

4. Wrap the yarn around the can, pushing the yarn down to cover the can.

P Holder wrapping

5. When you get to the top, cut the yarn and then glue the end.

P Holder wrapped

6. You are now ready to decorate your holder.

P Holder addingP Holder addin 2

7. If using beads – you will have to cut each strand so that it fits around the can one time.  You will also have to glue several spots of each wrap of beads.

P Holder 3

Get your pens, pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, etc and fill your holders!  This makes great teacher, mother’s day, father’s day, grandparent, friend gifts.  The best part is that the kids can pretty much do this all on their own and you are using items that you already have and recycling/repurposing your cans – how wonderful!

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3 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – Recycled Pencil Holder

  1. Candace says:

    What a fun project for kids. I really like the beaded one in the middle. : )

  2. virginia says:

    Gotta love those glue guns ! Very cute pencil holder. I could use some myself !

  3. Jo says:

    They are so could use those holders for lots of goodies…especially in the bathroom cupboard for extra toothbrushes, combs, etc.

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