Mural Painting

Stella is in New York visiting all her buddies and having a great time.  Even though the house is quiet without her – the time is flying by!  I have a list of projects that I wanted to complete in the house and with all the rain we have been receiving lately – I am glad that I have the list.

Stella had a loft bed in New York and not knowing what kind of house we would eventually end up in Virginia – we gave her bed away and I promised her that she could pick out new furniture.  Many furnishing were left in the house and among them was pretty much all the furniture in Stella’s bedroom – a double bed, bench, night stand and a little dressing table and chair.  She loved it all!

Mural designStella was against buying the house we are in and as a consolation to her grief (she is very happy that we bought it, now), I told her that she could paint her room whatever color she wanted and could even paint each wall a different color.  She thought about that and then came to me with a picture she drew of how she wanted her room painted – she wanted a mural!  We went to the paint store, where she spent quite a bit of time picking out samples.

My cousin is an artist and I went to her to help narrow down the color choices and to see if she would be interested in the job.  She helped pick out wonderful colors, that Stella agreed too and she said she would love to do it.

Room Before

Room Before

Mural before 1Mural before 2






While the child is away, the fairies will paint! This past Sunday my cousin came over to Mural drawingstart painting.  There was some confusion – she thought it was Mural skyone wall, Stella had drawn 3 walls and then we decided to do all 4 walls!  With a pencil – the design was drawn, the room was taped and then the painting began.  It was a fun all day project with us both painting away. The mural turned out more amazing than I thought it would – we did a great job!  Thank you to my cousin who brought the vision to life – WOW!

Mural done

I have spent the rest of this week putting Stella’s room together – she had many things still in boxes and piles.  It has not been an easy feat – my daughter is quite the collector of SO much stuff!!!  But so glad that her room will be HER room when she returns.

Mural done 1

The other fun thing that we did, before she left, was to paint her closet doors with chalk board paint.  This was one of the best ideas I had for the house – Stella spends a lot of time working out math problems, drawing and playing school.

Mural done 2

I can’t wait for Stella to see her room when she gets back from New York – she is just going to love it!

Mural done 3

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6 Responses to Mural Painting

  1. Candace says:

    Stella will LOVE this. Looks great!!

  2. Gail Osterman says:

    What a charming room…for a child filled with the powers of imagination! Good work, mom!

  3. Erin says:

    You are a great writer! You did a fabulous job on the layout and photos. This is a beautiful bedroom….

  4. Jo says:

    Stella will be ecstatic….her room will be a heavenly haven for her. Erin kudos to you and also you Pamela. It looks FAB

  5. deborah says:

    Wow, I am impressed! You must get a picture of Stella’s reaction when she first sees her room! She will be grinning from ear to ear for sure!!

  6. virginia says:

    Just awesome Pamela !!!

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