Who Needs Potato Chips – Grab Some Apple Chips

I have been busy for 3 days preserving all the apples that were picked on Saturday.  All my time has been spent on apples, with the Stella detours during the day, walk to school, pick up from school, stop at the playground, theater arts class, soccer game, dinner.  I can’t wait to not feel sticky for a couple of days.  The first things I started were the apple chips.  Last year was the first year that I had made them, may have something to do with having just purchased my dehydrator – but they went fast.  Last year we went through 4 bags, each bag lasts about 2 weeks if used for snacks in Stella’s lunch, so this year my goal is 10 bags – and 5 are done – the other 5 will come when we pick the other tree.

Apple Star

Apple Chips


Apples – MANY
Lemon juice

1. Wash, peel and core the apples – I do about 4 apples at a time, so they do not turn to brown. If you are doing a lot of apples – I highly suggest investing in an apple peeler that also cores.

2. Slice the apples and put the slices into a bowl of water with lemon juice.

3. Place on dehydrator racks.

4. Depending on the apples, drying time can range from 6 – 12 hours.  About 4 hours of drying time – I turn the apple slices and change up the trays.

5. At about 6 hours, I tend to check on an hourly basis – taking the ones done off the trays and condensing the slices onto trays.  When you decide they are done and this is by your preference – I do a combination of really crisp ones and not so crisp.








6. Once they are cooled, place in a food-saver type bag and seal, keep some out for instant snacking!

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