What To Do With All Those Soap Pieces?

I was at my aunt’s house and she asked me if I had any ideas for how to use the little pieces of soap that she collects – and I think she is not alone.  I hate to get rid of those small soap pieces, but when they do get small they are hard to use in the shower!!  We talked about a few options and left it at that.  I thought about it a little more and figured I would give an idea a try.

We have relocated to Virginia from New York, but almost all of our belongings are in storage as we look for a permanent address to call home.  I had to see what I had with me and if what I had could be made into a soap piece holder.  Yes, I had some cotton yarn, had some needles that were not being used, but the only thing I did not have was a set of double pointed needles – no worries, I would figure that out.

Knitted Soap Piece Holder

Items Needed

Size 4 needles
Size 6 needles
Cotton yarn
Darning needle


CO 20 stitches with the size 6 needles

Row 1 – 7: Knit

Row 8: K5, yo (yarn over), K1, K2tog (knit 2 together), K4, yo, K1, K2tog, K3, yo, K2tog

Knit every row until piece measures 8 inches.

Next row (make sure the cast on tail is on the same side as the needle point): K2tog, yo, K3, K2tog, K1, yo, K4, K2tog, K1, yo, K5

Knit next 7 rows.

Bind off

You will notice that the holes look more finished on one side than the other, you want the nicer looking holes on the “right” side.

Fold the piece in half with the “right” sides facing each other – with a darning needle sew up the side seams.  Turn piece right side out and set aside.

Cord (I would recommend doing an I-cord, but since I did not have double pointed needles – I had to make my cord using the following directions.)

Cast on 2 stitches with size 4 needles

Knit every row until it measures 20 inches.

Bind off.

The cord will twist – press with an iron set on high.

Now to put it together…

1. Weave the cord through the holes of the pouch – making sure that it is not twisted. I started weaving in my cord at the hole near the seam and then the other end came out through the hole on the other side of the seam.

2. Match up the length of each end.

3. Again making sure the cord is not twisted, sew the ends together.

4. Fill with your soap pieces, cinch the top closed.  I knotted the cord so that it would stay closed.

Now you have a washcloth that will soap itself!!!  This is cotton – so you can through it in the wash to clean.  I love things that are useful, practical and resourceful!!

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3 Responses to What To Do With All Those Soap Pieces?

  1. virginia says:

    I’m the aunt and the little pouch works great . Thanks Pamela !

  2. Jo says:

    That is great…..what a great idea and so useful.

  3. Candace Coffin says:

    Excellent! You could market those little sachels. : )

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