Girls Knitted Cowl

After making my cowl Stella asked if I would make one for her.  She went to the yarn stash and picked out the yarn she wanted me to use – it had no wrap on it – so no idea gauge, suggested needle size – I would have to wing it.  I started once and then had to rip it out, started again and had to make some changes along the way to make it the “right” size.  I have a knitters bible and it has many patterns and Stella chose the one she wanted me to use in her cowl – that was an opportunity to really use my brain – since the stitch count for the pattern was high – so this cowl I would have liked to be a little bigger, but that was not an option!  After all the opportunities presented – it turned out really nice and Stella loves it!!

Girls Knitted Cowl

Items Needed

Size 11 circular needles (36″) – or whatever size you want to make the length you want
Size 11 straight needles
Darning Needle

Finished measurements: 20″ wide, 6″ high

1. Cast on 184 stitches

Row 1: *K2, lift first on these 2 stitches over second and off the needle*, repeat to end of row. You will now have 92 stitches.

Row 2: *P2tog (purl 2 together), repeat to the end of the row.  You will now have 46 stitches.

The pattern going forward is 18 stitches plus 10 – I doubled the pattern, but depending on your yarn, needle size and finished sized you can adjust accordingly.

Row 3: (Right side – RS) Knit

Row 4: P10, *P1, K2, P2, K2, P11, repeat from * to end

Row 5: *K1, P8, (K2, P2) twice, K1, repeat from * to last 10 stitches, K1, P8, K1

Row 6: P1, K8, P1, *P1, (K2, P2) twice, K8, P1, repeat * to end

Row 7: *K11, P2, K2, P2, K1, repeat from * to last 10 stitches, K10

Row 8: Same as Row 4

Row 9: Same as Row 5

Row 10: Same as Row 6

Row 11: Same as Row 7

Row 12: Purl

Row 13: *(K2, P2) twice, K10, repeat to last 10 stitches, K2, (P2, K2) twice

Row 14: P2, (K2, P2) twice, *K8, P2, (K2, P2) twice, repeat from * to end

Row 15: *K2, (P2, K2) twice, P8, repeat from * to last 10 stitches, K2, (P2,K2) twice

Row 16: P2, (K2, P2) twice, *P10, (K2, P2) twice, repeat from * to end

Row 17: Same as Row 13

Row 18: Same as Row 14

Row 19: Same as Row 15

Row 20: Same as Row 16

Repeat pattern (rows 3 – 20) until desired length is reached and end on either row 12 or row 3.   I ended up do the pattern 1 1/2 times.

When you have reached your desired length – knit the next 3 rows and bind off.

Using the mattress stitch sew up your cowl and then weave in all your ends.

The ruffle, I think, really makes this cowl and makes it very feminine!

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3 Responses to Girls Knitted Cowl

  1. Candace says:

    Cowl looks adorable and those photos of Stella…wow, wow, wow. She is so adorable too! Happy travels. : )

  2. Jo says:

    So cute……she looks happy! Safe travels and give a holler when you have a minute!

  3. deborah says:

    Very cute, both the model AND the cowl! And I can see why Stella chose that yarn. My question is – how on earth did you find the time to knit anything at all then blog about it with all the packing and preparations for the move? I am picturing you knitting and typing with your TOES while packing with your hands!

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