Wine Cork Place Card Holders

I just can’t throw out wine corks!!  I toss them in this drawer or this bowl and the collection grows.  This is a really easy and fast project and will add a special touch to your dinner table or picnic table!  I even used one to hold one of my business cards.

Wine Cork Place Card Holders

Item Needed

Wine corks
Sharp knife
Cutting board
Place cards

1.  Place the number of corks you will need on the counter. I did 5 and tried to have the corks be similar length and width.

2. Take your sharp knife, place the cork on the cutting board and cut off the bottom.  Watch your fingers. Depending on the cork you may cut more off on one end then the other to make the cork level.  Do this to all your corks.





3.  This part took a little trial and error.  Cut a straight line into the top of your cork.  Then on either side of the straight cut, cut at an angle.  Once you have done this on both side, the cork should come out and you have a “v” cut for the place card.  You may have to cut a little deeper to really hold the card.

5. Print or hand write your names on the place cards and set them around the table.  These are great – you can use them over and over again!

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2 Responses to Wine Cork Place Card Holders

  1. Candace says:

    Fabulous idea!! They would also hold photos??? : )

  2. Jo says:

    They look great…..I’ll be sending corks soon!

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