Make Your Own Tooth Powder

As promised from yesterday, here is the tooth powder recipe.

I want to give some information on the ingredients used:

Bentonite Clay: Is very rich in minerals and absorbs and eliminates toxins.  According to Natural News, if bentonite clay is left in the mouth and allowed to soak for 10 to 15 minutes like a mouth wash, the clay will take out the toxins left in the mouth and prevent periodontal disease. It helps remove tartar and cleans the gums working as an astringent.
Calcium Citrate – As a supplement this helps rebuild enamel
Baking Soda: Helps whiten teeth and removes plaque.
–  Cinnamon:  Helps sweeten and has been found to has been found to have contain antioxidant compounds and have anti-microbial properties.
Clove:  Has anti-septic properties
Xylitol: Sweetener with a low glycemic index.  It fights plaque by neutralizing plaque acids

Tooth Powder

You probably have most of these ingredients in your kitchen and the other items can be picked up at your health food  or vitamin store.


4 Tbl Bentonite Clay (you can also use this for a nice face mask)
3 Tbl Calcium Citrate
1 1/2 Tbl Xylitol Powder (can use more, this sweetens it)
1 Tbl baking soda (I used aluminum free)
1 Tbl ground cinnamon
2 tsp ground cloves
10+ drops Spearmint essential oil

1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a glass bowl.

2. Add a few drops of essential oil at a time – mixing well to prevent clumping and to get the flavor mixed throughout.

I save my spice jars and have a big collection.  I made sure one was clean and dry and added the powder to it and brought it up to the bathroom.  I will be perfectly honest, I was a little nervous about using.

Wet your toothbrush and shake off the excess water, dip the bristles into the powder, brush teeth.  I really liked the flavor.  It was a little weird not having the foaming action I was used too, but after rinsing with water my teeth felt so clean – much cleaner than using my toothpaste.  Stella asked why I was spitting brown out of my mouth – that was a little weird too!

I probably could have halved the recipe – the amount of powder will last me a couple of months I am sure – but it has a pretty long shelf life.  Can’t wait to try my hand at toothpaste!

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3 Responses to Make Your Own Tooth Powder

  1. Candace says:

    My toothbrush is now permanently brown, but I am LOVING the tooth powder. Thanks for the info on all the ingredients!!

    • simply0637 says:

      I have been using my tooth powder at night and the paste in the morning – which helped with the browning of my bristles. I love the powder too – my teeth are definitely getting whiter and are so clean!

  2. Linda says:

    This tooth powder is excellent with dried ground orange peel. Yuummmm!! I didn’t have any clay so I substituted arrowroot and added the dried ground orange peel just as a whim. My, oh my, it’s good… almost want to swallow it.

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