Vacation, Need I Say More

We were invited to spend a couple of days at the Cape (Cape Cod for those who aren’t from the East Coast).  I love the Cape.  As a child we spent many a summer vacationing on the Cape -I also remember that I used to get into the car in my pajamas in the dark and would awake and be on the Cape. I have great memories of camping with my grandparents and the best part was to go to the path leading to the beach and pick wild blueberries to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast!

Yesterday morning it was off to the beach – Stella could not wait.  We went to the ocean side of the Cape – and the water was so cold that it took my breath away.  It was fun to see the seals pop their heads up. Stella on the other hand never left the water and got really mad at me for not coming in and helping her learn how to ride her boogie board – to the point were at one point she did not even speak to me.  The water was dirty with seaweed – Stella would get out of the water and you could see it all inside her suit.  We went to the bathroom and as she was taking her suit off – it was plop, plop, plop – seaweed falling everywhere. At the end of the day we were calling her the seaweed princess and it took several washings of her hair and a good brushing to get all of it out!

View from the deck while grilling - not bad!

We decided that we would cook at home tonight – we went to the local fish market and got some good looking fish and then to the farm stand to get some local produce to add to the produce that I had brought from the garden (zucchini, yellow squash and beans).  We bought a pint of blueberries and did not even make it out of the parking space, so back I went to the farm stand to get more blueberries for later. When we got back we all got busy in the kitchen doing all the prep work – we got the best mesculan mix and the taste of the different lettuces were incredible.

It was time to fire up the grill. First we cooked all the veggies, then the clams and then the fish – having a very enjoyable time while we cooked and waited for our feast to be completed!




The night was topped off with by our fabulous meal, good company, good conversation, laughter and fun!  What really could be better – I am not sure.  Followed by a game of poker, perfect!

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