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This is the last week of school and that means teacher presents.  Stella loves creating and a couple of months ago we were in the craft store and she came across a wooden box and some plastic jewels.  She brought them to me and asked if I would buy them – I looked at them and said “no” – a disappointed looked came over her and she looked at me and said, but I need them for the present I want to make Ms.Fixell.  Well with that, how could I say no?  So they were put into the basket.  This past weekend the creating was in full force and last night the present was wrapped and put with her backpack so she could give the present to her teacher today.  We also got a pair of earrings from my dear friend Carla – she makes fantastic earrings – check them out

Teacher’s Gift Box

Items Needed

Wooden box
Paint brushes
Glue or glue gun

1.Decide what colors you want to paint your box and then paint it.  You may have to paint a section and then wait until dry to paint the other sections.





2. Decorate using your gems, stickers, stones, etc.  We decided to use the glue gun to secure the gems Stella chose.  I helped since the glue gun is very hot.





3. Wrap present and give with love and thanks for a great year of learning!

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2 Responses to Kids Craft Corner – Teacher Present

  1. Candace says:

    The smile on Stella’s face says so much about the fun in making something… so wonderful to have such a personal and one of a kind gift. Ms. Fixell is lucky. : )

  2. Jo says:

    How nice that Stella wanted to make her teacher a present…she is so sweet. What a nice keepsake for her teacher. Can’t believe she is not out of school yet! xox

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