Silver Beads – Making A Necklace (Part 2)

Years ago I received a necklace as a gift that I love and, as mentioned yesterday, with the clean silver beads I wanted to try and make a similar one.  I have to say it looked easier than it was and after my first try – a second try was in order.  About half way through making the necklace I realized some of the strands were going to end up shorter than the others – so I ended up cutting the strings and starting over – learning from my mistake on the first.

Making A Necklace With Beads (Silver)

Items Needed

Beads (with large enough openings for the hemp string)
Hemp string/twine

1. Lay your beads out and decide which ones you want to use – lay out the pattern.  You want the beads on each strand to NOT match up with beads on other strands.

2. Cut 4 pieces of hemp twine, a little more than twice the necklace length you want.  I want my necklace to be about 24 inches so I cut 4 strands of hemp 60″.

3. Joining the ends of the strands in your hand ( you will have 8 strands for the necklace), take the folded loop and thread through the clasp end.  Take the ends and put through the loop – pull tight.


4. For your first strand and all others – take the beads for the strand and string them – place a knot before and after each bead.  When starting the second and subsequent strands – line up the beads to make sure the beads are of different positions.

5. When you have finished all 8 strands you need to secure the other end of your necklace to the clasp.  This was the hardest part – making sure all strands were of the same length, or close, when securing.  You can either do a knot or use a macrame knot.

6. Place a drop of glue on each knot.

7. Put your necklace on, admire and show off your creativity and the one of a kind uniqueness! The hemp twine is stiff at first, but with wear it with get “softer”.

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  1. Candace Coffin says:

    You look great and so does the necklace. You really are good at directions!!

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