Have an Old Pair of Jeans? Does This Bring You Back?

If you have been following me, you may remember when I was making the sandwich bags that I mentioned I was saving part of the jeans for a future purse – well here it is.  I have to say it turned out better than I thought it would and it was easier than I remembered.  I used part of an old pair of jeans of Stella’s and I found a great shirt at goodwill to use for the lining.

Making A Jean Purse

Items Needed

An old pair of jeans (I used a child’s pair since this purse was for a child, but any size will do)
Fabric,  old shirt, old sheet, etc. for lining
Iron on flowers or other accessories
Sewing machine
Matching thread
Fabric pencil

1. Cut the legs off an old pair of jeans – I cut it so it was completely open on the bottom, but you could cut it a little longer, depending on the size you want.




2. Taking the leg of the jeans, cut the strap.  Since I had used part of the jeans for another project – I had to cut three pieces of jean and sew them together to get the length I wanted.



3. Sew the jean pieces together – I used 1/4″ seam.  I did not worry about trimming the pieces until after I had sewed together.  Press the seams open and then trim the ends and the sides for straight edges and same width for the entire strap.



4.  Taking the fabric you have for the lining, lay the jean strap on the fabric and  cut the fabric the same size.  Because I was using a shirt – I had to cut 2 pieces of the lining fabric and sew together. Press seam.


5. Place right sides together sew the jean strap and lining together.  You only need to sew the long sides, not the ends.  Trim the seams, turn right side out and press.







6.  If you are using any iron on flowers or decorations – this would be the time to put them on the body of the purse.  Follow the directions on the package.


7. Sew the purse strap to the inside of the purse.  Determine where you want the straps to be – I wanted mine to be in the center of each side.  Place the end of the strap inside the purse and sew on, repeat for the other side making sure not to twist the strap.


8.  I was not very precise on the measuring of the purse lining.  I placed the jean purse on top of the lining fabric and cut around.  I figured the lining was going to be loose inside the purse – so accuracy was not necessarily needed.  I placed the jean purse on the shirt, which I had folded so that I would only have to sew up the sides and not the bottom.  If you are using fabric – line the bottom of the jean purse on the fold of the fabric and cut along the sides of the jean purse and then cut across the top about 1″ taller than the purse.


9. With right sides together, sew the sides of the lining fabric and turn right side out.




10.  Take the jean purse, turn inside out.  Pin the seams at the crotch together.  Then pulling tight on each side so that the fabric lays flat – pin the legs together.  Sew together, trim the seam and turn right side out.



11. Place the lining inside the purse.  Turn the top part of the lining over and pin to the inside top of the purse.  I first pinned each side and then around the purse.  Sew the lining to the purse, sewing about a 1/8″ to  1/4″ from the top – you want to avoid the snap on the jeans when sewing.





12.  Your purse is done.  What little girl or big girl would not like one of these – a one of a kind creation just for her!

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2 Responses to Have an Old Pair of Jeans? Does This Bring You Back?

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Stella is one lucky girl. She must be the envy of every girl in her class!! : ) Adorable purse.

  2. Jo says:

    Love it…..you are very talented and creative!

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