Make a Monster Doll from an Old Sweater and Socks

This is going to be a week of finishing up projects and getting Christmas presents in the mail.  I am down to the last few projects.  I recently saw a pattern for a knitted monster doll and decided to try making something similar with an old sweater and socks that I was saving for something.  You know the socks that you either only have one of or have holes in the toes or heels – I put them aside thinking I should be able to find a use for them other than dusting mits and I did!

How to Make A Monster Doll

Items needed

Old sweater, preferably one that can be washed
2 pairs of old socks
Size 4 knitting needles
Some old yarn
Fun fur


1. Wash an old sweater – I picked this one up at good will for $3.  Cut off one arm.

2. Cut the cuff off the sweater and the cut up the seams – so that you now have 2 pieces.  I then cut 2 rectangles 9 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.  You can cut whatever size you want for your doll.


3. Placing right sides together, sew around the outside of the rectangles, leaving and opening on the side to turn right side out.  I curved my corners.  After sewing, trim the seams and cut at an angle across the corners.  Turn right side out and place to the side.


4. Taking the socks cut off the feet.  You will then cut the leg portion into two pieces.  I used a pair of blue and red socks, so I decided to do one side red and the other blue.  I then cut 4 rectangles in blue and 4 in red.





5.  Place right sides together, sew the rectangles together, leaving one of the short ends open.  Trim the seams, turn right side out and fill with stuffing – not too firm.





6.  Taking some old yarn, sew eyes onto your doll.  I read somewhere that dolls without faces are better for children because then the child does not think you should always be happy, sad, etc – so I decided to only do the eyes and let the child use their imagination.

7.  Taking a knitting needle pick up stitches going across the top of the doll.  I used a #4 needle, but that will depend on the knitting of the sweater you are using.  Taking some fun fur, knit several rows and then bind off loosely – now your monster has hair.

8. Fill the doll with some filling – not too much and then sew up the opening.

9. Sew up the ends of the legs and arms and then sew onto the body of the doll.  Your monster doll is now done – or name it whatever you would like.  I love this one and he feels so good in my arms!

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7 Responses to Make a Monster Doll from an Old Sweater and Socks

  1. Jo says:

    That is too cute! Time for a Christmas heading! : – )

  2. simply0637 says:

    I love him – I will definately make some more. New heading coming next week!

  3. Candace says:

    Adorable. They should be in Macy’s window!! : )

  4. Candace says:

    Didn’t think my email posted so I’ll say it again: “Monster Doll is adorable. These should be in Macy’s window!!”

    • simply0637 says:

      We have a local toy store that sells items from local artist – I think I may go there and see if they are interested. Have already thought up the next one and can’t wait to make her!

  5. mardi says:

    Our kids LOVE the doll Pamela. THANK YOU!!! It is adorable. I actually want to take it for myself. Really I do!!!

    Mardi – xx00

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