Nature’s Way Cleaning – Making Change Where I Can

As I have shared in past posts, I have been experimenting with making my own cleaning products.  I have taken it one step further and have started a “green” cleaning business using the products I make along with environmentally friendly cleaning accessories – Nature’s Way Cleaning.  The comments I have been getting from my clients are wonderful and just reinforce that natural is the way to go.  I had one client tell me it smelled liked someone was making a wonderful salad as I was cleaning her house.

There is an all purpose cleaner that I made that has amazed me with its ability to get things off walls, counter tops, etc – but of course I am bias.  I was cleaning one house where they have concrete counter tops and I was told not to worry about the stains on the counter – they were there for good and nothing was able to get them out – well my all purpose cleaner DID get them out and they told me that the counters looked like the day they moved in.

Several of my clients have severe allergies or everyone in the family has some type of allergy, one has severe asthma and she usually has to leave the house when cleaning is done with other natural products, but does not need to leave the house when I clean with my products.  I have also had the families tell me that they have noticed a decrease in their allergy symptoms for days after I have cleaned.  All of this got me thinking, that maybe I should share my products with even more people.  Did you know that according to the EPA that the inside air quality of a home is anywhere from 2 – 7 times more toxic than the air outside?  Pretty unbelievable, I think.

The third Friday of each month we have “Third Friday”, where local vendors rent space to promote their business, part of the street is shut down and lined with kid friendly activities, there is live music and many of the shops have specials.  It is the town’s effort to support the local businesses – we always go, but this time I decided I would rent space and have my own table.  This week has been filled with making product, designing my labels, pricing, labeling the products and writing descriptive tags.  It was a lot of work, but the house smelled SO good.  I am nervous and excited all at the same time about tonight and I have a friend coming with me to give moral support and it helps that she is a client and talk about her experience.

I made an assortment of products – of course my all purpose cleaner in 3 scents, all using pure essential oils – Orange, Lavender and Tea Tree, 3 air fresheners, Orange, Lavender and Deodorizing and 2 gel room fresheners – Orange and Lavender.  It was not easy to find the containers – I really wanted them made from recycled materials, but that was cost prohibitive – I did finally find a product where the plastic products are coded 1, therefore can be recycled and the gel fresheners are in glass containers.  Because all the ingredients are all natural the containers can be repurposed or recycled.





Wish me luck and remember support Small Business Saturday coming up November 26, but use cash so your local merchants get all the money and you don’t line the big banks pockets anymore.

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5 Responses to Nature’s Way Cleaning – Making Change Where I Can

  1. Candace Coffin says:

    Wonderful!! Please make your products available to those of us reading your blog. Can you ship them????

  2. simply0637 says:

    Yes I can ship them. I will be putting them on my cleaning website in the next few weeks for purchase But let me know what you are interested in. Thank you for all of your support!

  3. Noreen says:

    Your packaging looks beautiful!

  4. virginia says:

    Good luck Pamela. I have a feeling your products will take off!

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