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Soups On! Borscht

I have been craving some borscht ever since I steamed and froze a case of beets!  My cousin had given me some beef/pork broth and I thought it would work really well in a pot of Borscht.  I have also … Continue reading

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Festive Felted Pumpkin

I can’t believe that Halloween is this week!  With all our property projects we have been too busy to spend too much time on Halloween craft projects or any craft projects.  The other night I was feeling the urge to … Continue reading

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Expanding The Grape Arbor

As I mentioned in the cold frame post – part of the weekend projects when my cousin came to help was to expand the grape arbor.  I will admit right from the beginning, even though I was there throughout the … Continue reading

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Cleaning A Burned Pot

I am still trying to get used to cooking on an electric stove – it has been many, many years since I have.  Trying to figure out the temperature settings on each burner is the tricky part.  There is my … Continue reading

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Love Me Some Lentil Soup!

I love lentil soup!  It is a comfort food for me.  When we were living in NY, less than a block away was a Greek restaurant that made the best lentil soup I have ever had. Whenever I was feeling … Continue reading

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Building A Cold Frame

This past weekend my cousin came to help me with some projects – I was so excited!  I had three projects that I wanted help with and was not sure we would get them all done but we did!  We … Continue reading

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Maple Baked Pears

We were recently invited to a community potluck.  The potluck had been rescheduled due to weather and we were really looking forward to meeting all our near and not so near neighbors.  I was not sure what to make and … Continue reading

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Crispy Pepitas

Ever since I started eating crispy nuts – I can’t go back.  Regular nuts just don’t have the flavor that crispy nuts have – oh, so yummy!  Several years ago when living in Colorado, the health food store there had … Continue reading

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Eyelet Scarf

I had some leftover yarn – actually 2 partial skeins leftover from making slippers and wanted to make something fun with it – the colors are great.  I figured what I had leftover was not quite enough for a project … Continue reading

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Pear And Apple Fruit Leather

We were all out of our Papple Jam, which meant it was time to make more!  Two summers ago I made more jam than I knew what to do with and was giving it away and we still have a … Continue reading

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