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Another Mode Of Transportation – The Amish Scooter

Last summer I spent many an afternoon running around the dirt track in the park.  I was running around the track, not as part of my exercise routine, but holding Stella’s bike up and teaching her how to ride.  When … Continue reading

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How Many Tomatoes Are Coming From Your Garden? Make Tomato Cobbler

Gail has a CSA share and prior to leaving for the shore – she picked up her weekly veggies, among them were tomatoes, many, many tomatoes.  Most of the time I was at the beach we were trying to figure … Continue reading

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More Ideas From the Jersey Shore – Massaged Kale Salad

Everyone in the know, it seems, is touting the virtues of kale.  But to the average American palette, kale takes some getting used to, but well worth it.  The benefits of acquiring a taste for kale are many.  Of all … Continue reading

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The End Of Summer Vacation

Usually we go on a 2 week vacation at the end of August.  Camps are done and school has not started, so it is the perfect time.  The other great thing about that time frame is most of the countries … Continue reading

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Tomato Pie At The Jersey Shore

This past weekend Stella and I were fortunate enough to be invited to our friend’s beach house on the Jersey Shore.  No, this is not the same area as the TV show, which I have never watched and only heard … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Almond Milk

Recently I went back to school to study integrative nutrition.  As part of my graduation requirements I am part of a health coach circle – where I have met some incredible people!  One of those people is your guest blogger … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Pureed Paper Bowls (Part 1)

There are only 2 weeks left before school starts – yeah!!  I decided I needed a craft that took a little more time than our usual crafts.  This one takes days – and even more days if it is humid!  … Continue reading

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Sprouted Quinoa, Goji Berries & Raisin Dehydrator Cookies

School starts back up in two weeks and it will be back to making lunches everyday, including a couple of snacks for the day.  We were successful last year with coming up with some pretty nutritious alternative snacks from what … Continue reading

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Nature’s Gift of Wedding Flowers

When my friend’s neighbor was planning her second wedding to her college sweetheart – a lifelong bachelor who was ready for a big celebration – the discussion turned to cost and one of those being the cost of flowers.  Most … Continue reading

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Whatever Veggies Baked Frittata

I love eggs!  We go through at least a dozen eggs a week – most weeks it is more.  Each week I hard boil 6 – 8 eggs – they make for a great, healthy, quick snack, dinner on a … Continue reading

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