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How To Eat Well, Even When You Are Busy

I can’t tell you how often I get asked how do you eat so well with your busy, hectic schedule?  Or I wish we could eat as well as you guys do, or sit down to at least one meal a … Continue reading

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Old Curtain, New Bag

When we had our yard sale back in May – there were a couple of items that did not sell that I kept for future projects – a set of lace curtains was one.  I had seen in a magazine … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Summer Is Here

The last day of school here was June 22!  Yes, this is considered late by most locations – but that is the way it has always been, even when I was growing up here.  With the start of summer – … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Fruit Leather

Well, blueberry season has started here and this past weekend we went picking for the first of many times during the season.  I realized that last season I blogged about the usual things I do with the blueberry harvest, but … Continue reading

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Terriyaki Salmon and Zucchini

Salmon is Stella’s favorite fish – mine, not so much – but I know that it is good for me and I want to get fish into Stella since she will eat no other meat.  I am always experimenting with … Continue reading

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Summer Must Be Here, The Dehydrator Has Come Out Of Hibernation & Jam Is Being Made!

I know that summer is here because the dehydrator has come out of hybernation and the produce picking has begun!! I may have already mentioned this, but Stella is a Fruit-aholic!  So when fruit is on sale during the summer … Continue reading

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How To Sprout Lentils

As I was looking for spirulina recipes – I came across a sprouted salad recipe with a spirulina dressing.  Not sure about the dressing, but the salad looked fabulous.  I have never sprouted anything before and decided I needed to … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Teacher Present

This is the last week of school and that means teacher presents.  Stella loves creating and a couple of months ago we were in the craft store and she came across a wooden box and some plastic jewels.  She brought … Continue reading

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4th of July – Make A Bandana Flag

With the 4th of July around the corner and our door looking barren – it was time again to make something to hang on it.  Figured why not a flag.  This flag is super easy to make and if you … Continue reading

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The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge

Going through my tweets a couple of weeks ago I came across a tweet that mentioned a school lunch contest that First Lady, Michelle Obama was doing.  This piqued my interest and when I read it to Stella she was … Continue reading

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