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Parmesan Cheese Coated Flounder with Kale Chips

They had some beautiful flounder at the market, so I bought it, but wanted to do something different than what I usually do.  Usually I grilled the flounder with some butter and lemon – but not wanting to grill I … Continue reading

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The Lasting Bouquet

I have a very dear friend that just recently had a big birthday.  I know that she loves flowers, so I decided to make her a bouquet that would last and last.  How you ask and so glad that you … Continue reading

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No Bake Granola Bars

We continue our quest for non store purchased snack foods.  Soccer has started back up so a snack is needed for practice day and game day, along with our other outdoor activities.  The quinoa bars went quick and I will … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Toilet Paper Roll Bracelets

For some reason I just cannot make myself put the toilet paper rolls into the recycling!  They just call out to me, save me, re-use me!  We have a drawer that is overflowing with them and I am always trying … Continue reading

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Burlap and Potatoes – Could It Work?

Spring is so in the air – we hit 90 degrees last week with the other days in the 70’s and 80’s.  I had to get my hands into the dirt!  Last weekend I spent about 6 hours cleaning up … Continue reading

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Delicious! Asparagus Risotto

I love asparagus, sauteed, baked, grilled, you name it – delicious!  When I came across this risotto recipe and with the first of the asparagus in the stores – I knew what I had to do – make it!  Making … Continue reading

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Silver Beads – Making A Necklace (Part 2)

Years ago I received a necklace as a gift that I love and, as mentioned yesterday, with the clean silver beads I wanted to try and make a similar one.  I have to say it looked easier than it was … Continue reading

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Easy Way To Clean Silver (Part 1)

The other day I was wearing a necklace and had one of those – “ah-ha” moments, where I thought I could make this using the beads I have from a necklace that broke.  About 20 years ago I made a … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Candlesticks

We light candles often in our house and Stella started collecting the wax awhile back – she has bags full of wax that she has pulled off the sides of candles or off the candle holders.  We have been talking … Continue reading

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Spring Is In The Air – That Must Mean Spring Cleaning!

Throw the windows open, wash the bedding – let it hang on the line and wash all the winter jackets and pack them away!  There is something about spring cleaning, getting the winter clutter put away and swept away, the … Continue reading

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