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Kids Craft Corner – Making an Easter Wreath

The St. Patrick’s day wreath is down and our door was looking a little barren – so what did we do?  We made an Easter Wreath.  Stella had wanted this wreath bigger than the last one – so being the … Continue reading

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Add Some Pizazz To A Pair Of Jeans

About 12 years ago I purchased a pair of capri pants that had fringe on the cuffs – I still have them and love them.  When Stella was little she loved to come over and run her hand over the … Continue reading

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Parsnips – The Other Root Vegetable

March is the perfect month for parsnips.  I have been missing out – usually I just put parsnips in my soup, but I need to expand my uses.  I was eating dinner out recently and the side was roasted carrots … Continue reading

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Cleaning and Seasoning A Cast Iron Pan

I love cast iron and use my pan almost daily! I also have a cast iron dutch oven and will slowly replace other pans with cast iron as the need and budget allows.  My cast iron pan lives on the … Continue reading

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How To Make A Cork Mirror

I loved the cork wreath I made and it is on my “to-do” list to make myself one, but as of yet that item has not been crossed off.  I did find the time to make a cork mirror – … Continue reading

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Kids Craft Corner – Make A Felted Eye Glass Case

Both Stella and I wear glasses.  It is pretty recent for Stella – she had an accident in September at a play date, where a pick up stick was poked into her eye!  She had never had problems with her … Continue reading

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Vegetable Masamba Recipe

The ghee was made, so all the ingredients were ready for the new recipe.  This is an African inspired dish with nutrient packed kale as the main ingredient for this dish.  I served this over couscous, if you decide to … Continue reading

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Ghee – Make Your Own

The new recipe that I prepared for this week’s blog called for ghee – what the hell is ghee you ask (I asked the same thing)! Ghee, or clarified butter, is made when the milk solids are separated from the … Continue reading

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I Love This Felted Purse!

I love this bag, it may just be that I LOVE the color yarn I chose!  I have looked at this pattern for about 4 years and have had great aspirations to knit, but am just getting to it – … Continue reading

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How To Make Carrot Cheese Puff Crackers

I have been trying to find a recipe that I could make to replace the cheese puffs that Stella loves so much, but as of yet I have not been able to find one.  I was sent a newsletter that … Continue reading

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