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Finally…. I Finished! – Yeah!

I know that I said I was done with blueberries, but I forgot to mention one thing – in regards to dehydrating them.  I mentioned two methods of preparing the blueberries for dehydrating (putting them in boil water or making … Continue reading

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Apricot & Mango Madness

First – I was successful in moving my blog over (after 3 hours with tech support), but some of my formatting was lost in cyber-space.  I am slowly learning the new back-end and hopefully soon will have my page looking … Continue reading

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Blueberry Jam

The evening got away from me last night, so jam making started first thing this morning.  I checked on the dehydrating blueberries and they are drying away.  I also put another tray of blueberries into the freezer – one more … Continue reading

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Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries

Today I was out of the house by 7am, that was after feeding the animals, walking the dog, checking the dehydrating pineapple, showering and a quick breakfast.  I headed up the Taconic Parkway to Red Hook, NY – about 1 … Continue reading

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Monday, Just Like Any Other Day for Me

I have been unemployed now for 2 months, and the days all seem the same to me.  Really, I have to think about what day it actually is.  So, today, for most, was the beginning of the work week,the dreaded … Continue reading

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Holy Radishes!

Just stepping outside I feel that I am starting to melt, instantly.  It is 102 and with the heat index they say it feels like 115 – I have never understood that – just like when they say today is … Continue reading

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Is Water the Next Oil?

The heat wave has hit New York.  Yesterday as I spent the day swimming and kayaking on a lake from childhood, my friend and I talked about water.  Both of us were so amazed a how clear the water of the … Continue reading

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Yes, rurban is a word, it is a blend of rural and urban meaning: of, relating to or constituting an area which is chiefly residential but where some farming is carried on.  The first known use of the word dates … Continue reading

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